Wood design and contemporary carpentry

Professional Training

A three-year training experience, designed for those with innate manual ability and a very practical attitude. A pathway dedicated to youngsters who have finished middle school at 14, which will see them become woodworkers, with a nationally recognised qualification.

Professional Training


Forget about the artisan who works the wood in his workshop. Those who graduate from the Artwood Academy are modern era carpenters – fully developed, skilled at working with wood and other raw materials, masters of 4.0 technologies, and able to use innovative tools and CNC machinery. Ready to revolutionise the tradition.

Duration: 3 years. 30% of the hours are dedicated to a traineeship at a company in the sector.

Opportunities: to test oneself in the field, to contribute to promoting and developing the tradition and processing of wood.

Professional Training

Wood technician

Having succeeded in becoming a Woodworker, at the end of the three-year pathway, students will have the opportunity to enter the world of work, or they can opt for an additional year of training to become a Wood Technician. They will learn how to manage the production process, organise the work of others, coordinate the procurement process and select the materials required for production.

Duration: 1 year.

Opportunity: To continue to specialise in the wood furniture sector and obtain a qualification that can grant access to Advanced Technical Training, in the form of an IFTS pathway.

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