Wood design and contemporary carpentry

Guardians of tradition, masters of innovation.

Even the most precious wood needs someone who is able to uncover its potential, enhance it and transform it into a unique piece. For wood, that someone is our students. And for the students, that someone can be us.

At the Artwood Academy

  • We build together

    We get excited when we carry out a project together. And so it is that, piece by piece and with curiosity and energy, we continue to learn and develop a passion for our pathway.

  • We are attentive

    Respect and kindness allow us to build a place in which to develop as professionals and as people.

  • We are in pursuit of beauty

    We learn each day that our pursuit of beauty means designing objects that make us feel good and that are the bearers of function and rationality.

  • We have one eye on the future

    We treasure tradition and the knowledge and experience it brings and we carry this forward, driven by a constant desire to develop and design something new.

We are in pursuit of beauty

We build together

We have one eye on the future

We are attentive