Wood design and contemporary carpentry

ITS Academy - Higher Education 5°level EQF

A highly specialised post-diploma training pathway lasting one or two years. A valuable alternative to university training, with one very precise goal, or rather to train superior technicians with advanced technical and technological skills, who will immediately enter the world of work.

ITS pathway

Digital marketing and Internationalisation Wood Furniture

The Made in Italy wood furniture sector has opened up to the world. And this is why Italian firms are constantly seeking professional figures with one precise goal – to help them broaden their horizons and conquer the international markets. Professionals who can steer the internationalization process, using marketing logic, digital platforms and social channels to promote the products abroad. If you are passionate about design, love digital communication and consider yourself a citizen of the world, then that person could be you.

Duration: 2 years. 1800 hours, of which at least 30% is dedicated to a traineeship, in-country or abroad

Opportunities: to work with international and emerging markets, promoting Made in Italy products via advanced digital platforms.

One pathway, two editions

Sustainable Design and Industrialisation in Wood Furniture

The digital era and Industry 4.0 have challenged companies in the wood furniture sector to develop their products and processes with a view to digitalisation. To extend their technological expertise, improve the efficiency and control of company processes and give life to smart and eco-sustainable designer products that have a low environmental impact throughout their lifecycle. The Artwood Academy has risen to the challenge with a course designed for those who love design, are passionate about 4.0 technology and care about sustainability.

Duration: Two years. 2000 hours of which at least 30% is dedicated to a traineeship, in-country or abroad. EQF level 5

Opportunities: To lead companies and design/architectural studios in their digital and sustainable evolution, using cutting-edge technological instruments to give life to innovative solutions.

IFTS pathway

Wood Furniture Prototyping Techniques

At the Artwood Academy, craftsmanship and innovation go hand in hand and this course is testament to that. This highly specialised pathway will train professionals who are able to design and create prototypes, combining artisan methods with the technological innovation resulting from Industry 4.0.

Duration: 1 year. 1000 hours of which at least 30% is dedicated to a traineeship

Opportunities: To contribute to making wood furniture production quicker, while retaining the artisan value of products.

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